The Bizarre Truths Behind Thinking Mind

The Word Education is derived from the Latin word “educo, which means to draw out or to develop from within. We are surrounded by thoughts (by thought I mean knowledge) everywhere.  Right from schools to universities, from home to office, from society to community we are always taught to do this, don’t do that, follow this rule, this is how it is done, you are innocent and you don’t know anything, this is the only truth, learn it as it is blah…. blah…. blah…. and the list goes on… Everywhere and everyone tries to implant a thought or knowledge in others mind, rarely someone talks about thinking on something.

Actual knowledge is attained when one realizes that there is lot more to be known. Knowing is dynamic and alive, a person with a knowing mind never stops learning, but if someone thinks, have enough knowledge his/her learning process will be stagnant and once learning stops, life shows no progress.

A child’s mind is thinking mind and is eager to know lot of things, that’s why you might have noticed that a child asks a lot of questions and the learning capability of a child is greater than an adult. The ability of thinking gradually fades away as we grow older, due to the old traditional education system. Those very rare and few who have the thinking mind preserved after completing his/her education are the ones who contributes to the development and improvement of the society.  Such people are very few, we can count them on our fingers some prominent examples are: Einstein, Newton, Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and Swami Vivekananda. Have you ever thought why these people were different? Do they have different physiology? As per my understanding it is their thinking mind which differentiates them from us.

Education is not the learning of facts; it’s rather the training of the mind to think.                                                                                                                                    ~ Albert Einstein

One interesting incidence comes to mind to support this: It was assumed and believed for thousands of year that if two stones of different masses are dropped from equal height then the heavier stone will hit the ground first. People took this for granted and nobody ever tried to test this simple experiment until 16th century when a student demonstrated this by dropping two spheres of different mass from leaning tower of Pisa and found out that both hits the ground at the same time. Take away from this is that if we believe something true we will never raise any questions or doubts. Our universe is full of mysteries a thinking mind will explore it and may come with some interesting and useful facts.

One of the reasons why after reading so many books previously you feel motivated for a while and gradually the motivational spark fades away with time is because of the lack of thinking mind.

Good luck on your success journey…


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