YOGA is not just a bunch of random exercises or postures. Yoga (with all its components) is the only way to “Perfect Health” & “Mindful Mind”.  Yoga is the science of right living and, as such, is intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. On a more practical level, yoga is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions. This is done through the practice of asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha, shatkarma and meditation, and must be achieved before union can take place with the higher reality.


Lord Shiva is said to be the founder of yoga and Parvati, his first disciple. There are nearly 8 million aasanas and activities in yoga, but these days we are left with nearly 1000 – 1200 aasanas mentioned in books and texts.


What we believe is that yoga is simply your breathe and body coordination. All aasanas is a combination of certain body movement with breathing pattern.


There are many branches of yoga: raja, hatha, jnana, karma, bhakti, mantra, kundalini and laya. Each individual needs to find those yogas most suited to his/her particular personality and need. Hatha yoga has become the most well known and widely practised of the yoga these days.


For Stress management, healthy mind and body, YOGA addresses the need to change in 4 Major S.

  • Smoking
  • Saturated Fat
  • Sedentary Lifestyle



  • Manas – the thinking part : Mind
  • Chitta – the storing part : Memory
  • Buddhi – the deciding part : Intellect
  • Ahamkaara – the controlling part : Ego



  • Yoga emphasizes abhyasa (Practice), the regularity, rhythm and repetition with one’s dedication.
  • When we mindfully and consciously perform techniques of Yoga repeatedly, we create neural pathways that get stronger & stronger with time.
  • Practice of Yoga enhances memory,   improves focus, confidence and

emotional balance