About WIN Skills Training

WIN Skills – stands for Wisdom and Intra-personal Skills.

In modern highly competitive environment, it is necessary to develop overall persona. Remember your success in life is largely dependent on Self management, Time management, planning & organizing and wise decision making abilities. WIN Skills is an end to end training focusing on enhancing these skills in high school students/ College students/ working adults. Learning is a continuous process, which we do through listening (auditory), viewing or reading (visual), and experiencing (kinesthetically). This training program is based on all these three methods of learning. Use of presentations, educational videos, and movie clips constitute the visual methods, the auditory constituent accomplished through lectures and interactive sessions. Writing, drawing, pasting in workbook, mock sessions, and sharing add to kinesthetic method of learning. The activities in this training are categorized in motivational talks, physical activities and creative thinking and visualization. Let’s break down each of the activities:

  • Motivational Talks: Motivating students, description of the skills, description of human potential capabilities and human physiology, when and when to use these skills, and showing participants how and why to perform the activities.
  • Physical Activities: Basic relaxation yoga, dynamic energy and power yoga, brain gym, conscious breathing activities, body flexibility activities, workbook completion, mock presentations etc.
  • Mental Activities: Visualization techniques for revision and study (helps enhancing memory), creative mental rehearsal for confidence building, meditation and contemplation.


This training can be given as a combination of workshops base activities and partly in offline mode (guided activities). Another striking feature of this training is to build healthy and successful habit & it takes 21 days to make a habit. The activities of this training are broadly divided into three parts.