Like Diamond and Coal are the two different forms of existence of carbon, similarly we as a human being can exist in two extremes, one similar to diamond (Your happy, pleasurable and joyful version) and other similar to coal ( Your unhappy miserable version filled with sorrow, pain and grief). Most of you are stuck in an auto piloted unknown vicious race which not only  distracts you from the path of happiness but also badly entangles you with pain, grief, misery, sorrow and all other family members of negative emotions.

Life is a duality and a meaningful & happy life is attained when we are consciously aware of both aspects. The only way to go beyond duality is purity of mind and soul. By duality we mean, there are two aspects of life one is the life within and other is life without. It is similar to the two faces of a coin, both the faces exist together but we can’t see both ends together, neither a coin can exist with only one face. Similarly our life is a combination of external (materialistic world) and the inner world (World of energy /soul). Both exist together and life can’t exist without any one of these. For successful life balance between both aspects of life is needed.

We work with a strong purpose to shape the physical, mental and emotional wellness of people for a better world. We believe that every individual has his or her own unique purpose and talents in life, but in the race of being someone else generally people are used to live a virtual / fake life and in the course of this they have forgotten, who they are? And what is their purpose in life?

You have to understand that every human being is unique and have their own unique capabilities and motive in life. Let’s see this from different angle; Not only every human being but each and every thing in this world is unique, the trees, the mountains, the flowers, the fruits even a piece of stone, it is very rare to find two similar stone. Uniqueness and replication is one of the greatest characteristic of this universe.

To understand the uniqueness let’s think this way, if a jasmine plant thinks that most of people like rose and I am not of much importance, so I would like to flower red roses instead of white jasmine flower. And to achieve this even if the jasmine plant tries very hard, with all its efforts it can’t grow roses.  And in the course of jasmine plant trying to produce roses will not even be able to produce good quality jasmine flowers. The takeaway from this is;

“Whatever you do you can’t be anyone else; you can only be your greatest version”

Generally people are badly entangled with the limiting pattern and limiting habits of life and this is happening since long time and now it seems that these habits & failure has been the necessary part of their life. And people call it ill fate or bad luck. If you think there is something like fate or fortune then please update your information that fortune is not a buddy of afraid or lazy or a procrastinator. Fortune always favors the brave.

If you know your current situation (your potential, your personality etc.) very well, then there are very less chances of making similar mistake (what you have been doing in past) in future. What we have observed after talking to so many people who are unhappy in their life is that, most of them actually don’t know what they want from life. And just by knowing, what is needed from life their life looks much workable. If you really don’t know where you want to go then you will keep wandering.

We are living in modern scientific era where hard work has been and old formula and SMART work is the new success formula. We focus on providing end to end solution, right from discovering individual’s potential, learning capabilities, life aim identification and effectively and persistently working towards its accomplishment. We do this with the help of combination of scientific, psychological, holistic and spiritual activities. We have special focus on the younger kids / students because they are the future of our planet. Due to the current education system limitation, they are not encouraged to develop a thinking mind; rather they are imposed with tons of information. We want people (especially our young little friends) to develop thinking mind and for this we have developed time tested and effective activity based tools, so that they can take conscious control of their life. Every individual learns in different way and have different lifestyles, the good thing about solution provided by us is that, the activities are tailor made as per individual’s capabilities.

In short we want to create an enlightened human society filled with joy, happiness, peace, love and prosperity, through practice of simple living high thinking and healthy lifestyle, in our own unique little or big ways.

There are basically three types of people:

Those who make things happen            Those who let it happen     And those who don’t know what happened.