We’re a team of individuals with diverse personalities and strengths, united by our desire to shape physical & mental health of people for a better world. With varied backgrounds and global experiences including tech, media, motivation, authoring, meditation and yoga, we choose to be here because we believe in the power / potential of each & every individual and bring out the best in people.



 Sanjeev Kumar is a Software Consultant by profession and had worked for a few multinational companies. He quit his job back in 2012 and since then he has been doing researches in meditation, yoga & human psychology. He is an author, motivator, meditation & yoga consultant and counselor. He has a passion for new creative ideas of self development, Yoga and Meditation. He has also developed some techniques for genius brain development & third eye activation, which helps individuals in increasing focus, concentration and overall mental efficiency. He believes that at schools and universities we are not taught the basics of self-management and management of mind and body, rather we are imposed with tons of information in an inefficient manner. He believes in creating a thinking mind rather than imposing thoughts in mind. He has developed a basic training named as WIN Skills (Wisdom & Intrapersonal Skills) for people of different ages and different background. The motive of this training is to create conscious awareness of individual’s potential and develop thinking mind, habit of healthy lifestyle, mind and body management.